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"In the months and years to come, on no particular schedule, I intend to post on various topics. Themes I'd like to take on include:

  • What is the relationship between Aikido and “daily life”?
  • How does one train without daily presence in a dojo?
  • What does Aikido have to teach us about our times, our culture and society?

I would also like to share some essays of mine from the earlier years of the dojo, and some correspondence with my Teacher, Chiba Shihan.

At this phase of life, it’s all about “give back”, “pay it forward”, and the like. So there are many lessons I am learning, and re-learning, in many non-dojo contexts.

Deep gratitude to all the members, and to Van Amburgh Sensei, for carrying on the work with commitment and enthusiasm!

Gassho, Aki Fleshler, 6-dan, Shihan, Birankai North America

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