Private Lessons

People learn in a variety of styles and rhythms. Private lessons offer a different learning environment than group lessons. Students report a diverse set of benefits:

  • Focused attention from the teacher on your particular needs.

  • Quiet environment with minimal distraction.

  • Flexibility to repeat one movement until satisfied.

  • Opportunity for more-self-directed learning.

  • Safe environment to explore "what your body can do."

  • Convenience of scheduling.

Lessons are tailored to the needs of the student. Instruction may include balance exercises, use of eyes, breath, refinement of upper and lower body coordination,  falling and rolling, utilizing ground forces, practice of empty-handed aikido techniques, sword, bokken or jo work. Some people choose private lessons as an alternative to group classes. For many aikido students, a combination of private lessons along with regular group classes promotes accelerated progress.

Private lessons instructor: Suzane Van Amburgh, 5th degree black belt, shidoin, certified aikido instructor.

In addition to her aikido teaching certification, Suzane is a trained teacher in the Feldenkrais Method® of somatic education.  Her approach in teaching, is to create a learning environment where the student can discover themselves through movement. Curiosity, good humor and attentive practice are cultivated. Van Amburgh Sensei works with people of all skills and body types. Teenagers to senior citizens; black belts to beginners are encouraged to train.

" I love working with all different kinds of people. We can work anywhere along the spectrum; from dynamic martial movement to the subtleties of breathing. Whether you consider yourself to be in shape or out of shape, injured or training for top performance, we begin with what you can do comfortably, then refine and build your repertoire." -Suzane Van Amburgh

Students speak:

"Suzane’s blend of patience and expertise cannot be more recommended nor easily found elsewhere.” 

~ James Murray 

"She takes what the student knows and builds on that experience to create depth in understanding. My aikido skills have increased four-fold over a two-month period since beginning my lessons with her.”

-Rudy Puente

Click the video above to hear private lesson student, Dr. Hamid A, share his experience learning aikido from Suzane Van Amburgh Sensei

“The private lessons with Suzane Sensei have been an invaluable experience in furthering my understanding and skill of Aikido.  The focus on foundation, timing, and footwork has been exceptional, as the one on one attention allows so much more in depth study compared to what is experienced in a group class.  I feel my growth in Aikido has expanded dramatically in just the short time that I’ve had the privilege of training with her.  I would highly recommend the experience to anyone who wishes to expand and improvethe depth and focus of their Aikido training.”

~ Dr. Kevin Sasadeusz

“Suzane Sensei is one of the only teachers I have ever encountered who consistently embodies the concept of Beginner’s Mind. Not only is her teaching inspiring and fresh, but she inhabits the Aikido work with a presence and spontaneity that is truly remarkable.”

~ Adam Hall, Ph.D.

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Booking a lesson:

  • Questions or concerns specifically about starting private lessons? Contact Suzane Sensei directly at spacetomoveinfo(at)

  • Book a lesson with Suzane Van Amburgh Sensei online at 

  • Or, book here and now through the Acuity scheduling page embed below. Click “Private lesson” to see calendar availability: