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Aikido, as taught and practiced at Multnomah Aikikai is overseen by Aki Fleshler, Founder and Technical Director, and Suzane Van Amburgh, Chief Instructor. We are a volunteer organization. Teachers lead classes on a volunteer basis. Our dojo is affiliated with Birankai North America (BNA).


Aki Fleshler, Rokudan (6th degree black belt), Shihan (Master Instructor), Technical Director and Dojo Founder.

Fleshler Sensei began his Aikido training in 1972 under M. Kanai Sensei of New England Aikikai, Cambridge, Massachusetts. He trained with Sensei M. Nakazono in Santa Fe, NM from 1977-1982. In 1983 he became a student of the late T.K. Chiba Sensei, San Diego Aikikai and in 1991 he founded Multnomah Aikikai in Portland Oregon. He has served on the Birankai North America Advisory Council, Examining Committee, Scholarship Committee and Ethics Committee. He became Shihan in 2009 and participates actively in the Senior Council (Shihankai) of Birankai North America. Fleshier Sensei is an advisory Shihan to Birankai Canada and has taught internationally since 2009.



Suzane Van Amburgh, Godan (5th degree black belt), Shidoin (Senior Instructor), Chief Instructor

Van Amburgh Sensei began her aikido training in 1982 under Senseis Lorraine DiAnne and Paul Sylvain of Amherst Aikikai, Amherst, Massachusetts. She began her Iaido training in 1989 under Michael Flynn Sensei. Van Amburgh Sensei has served Birankai North America (BNA) on multiple working committees of the Teachers Council. She served as Northwest Regional Coordinator (2008-2011, 2015), Summer Training Camp Director (2011) and currently serves on the BNA Examination Committee. In addition to her aikido teaching certification, she is a trained teacher of the Feldenkrais Method® of somatic education. Van Amburgh Sensei teaches private lessons and special programs as well as regular weekly classes at the dojo.




Dave Dewberry, Yondan (4th degree black belt), Fukushidoin (Instructor), Chief Instructor of Forest Grove Aikido

Dewberry Sensei began his  Aikido training in 1979 under  Mitsunari Kanai Sensei, of New England Aikikai, Cambridge,  Massachusetts. Dewberry Sensei has studied with Dennis Abbott Sensei of Southwestern Aikikai, Albuquerque, New Mexico (1986-1996) and  with Senseis F. Apodaca, A. Fleshler and S. Van Amburgh in Portland, Oregon since 1996. Dewberry Sensei has been teaching Aikido since 1994.



Jon-Paul Oliva, Sandan (3rd degree black belt), Fukushidoin (Instructor) 

Oliva Sensei began his Aikido training in 1996 under under Dennis Abbott Sensei of Southwestern Aikikai, Albuquerque, New Mexico. Oliva Sensei has studied with Senseis T.S. Okayama and J. Hauer in New Mexico and with D. Deskin Sensei in Arizona.  Oliva Sensei began training at Multnomah Aikikai in 2009.


Sean Sheedy, Sandan (3rd degree black belt), Fukushidoin (Instructor)

Sheedy Sensei began his Aikido training here at Multnomah Aikikai. He served as assistant instructor in the Children's program and as dojo treasurer for eleven years. He has served in a financial advisory role for the Birankai North America Summer Camp.

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