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The dojo is more than a just place to learn self defense, get in shape, or spend time after work; it's a community of people studying a traditional art form in a sacred space. We work together so we can be more engaged, polished, and awake. It's a place where we refine our character, perfect our form, and shed our ego; a forge if you will. However, instead of heating metals, we are heating up our human potential. 

You will see people training intensely. You will also see people smiling. We'd like to welcome you to the Multnomah Aikikai community.

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Membership Categories,  monthly dues

Children (Ages 7-12), two classes per week, $50.00

Teens (Ages 13-17), unlimited Aikido classes, $60.00

Regular Adult Membership, unlimited Aikido classes, $85.00

Iaido training, [please inquire]

Community Membership (a non-training dojo member), $20 monthly or $240 annually

Note: Late Fees apply when monthly dues are not received by the due date.
Please see our Policy on Membership Dues

Discounted Monthly Dues

The purpose of monthly membership dues has always been, and continues to be, to support the continued existence of the dojo as a place to train in Aikido. For those under financial strain to support the dojo at the regular adult rate, we extend the following discounted rates:

Students or military/law enforcement officers, with current valid ID, $60.00

Family Discount : Two or more members from the same household (eg. couples, parent/child, siblings), apply 20% off the total of regular Adult, Teen and Children's dues.

Registration Fee

New members pay an initial registration fee along with their first month's dues payment. The fee is $50 for adults and teens; $25 for children aged 12 and under.

Annual Fees

Dojo Annual Fee: due January 31st each year.

$40 for adults and teens

$25 for Children

Birankai Annual Fee $40
Initial payment due after 6 months of membership or upon first adult test for kyu rank, whichever comes first, and then on January 31st of each year thereafter. This fee is waived for children.

Visiting Aikido practitioners

Mat Fee, suggested contribution, $20 per day
Members of Aikido dojos across the globe are welcome to train with us regardless of affiliation. When planning a visit, it is traditional to bring a letter of introduction from your home instructor and offer a mat fee each day when visiting a dojo. If you will be able to join class for more than just a few days, please let us know!

Please read our full Policy on Membership Dues

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