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 Introduction to Japanese Sword Handling, a series of four sessions, February, 2015, open to non-members. Learn more...

Weapons Curriculum



36 Basics and variations
Sansho #1


8-count suburi, tachi waza & suwari waza
One-hand suburi exercises-variations
4 kirigaeshi exercises with partner: (nagashi uchi, suriotoshi, uchiotoshi, and suriage against shomen) and variations;




Sansho #2


Kiriotoshi: jo, chu, gedan
Kumidachi #1 through #5 and Ki Musubi No Tachi and variations
4 Kirigaeshi applications



Sansho #3


Tanto, Wakizashi, Daito variations


Tachidori, Jodori

Rules are few at Multnomah Aikikai but there are some:

Make an effort to be on time.
Bow upon entering and leaving the dojo.
Bow before getting on the mat.

Keep up personal hygiene, clean your uniforms, keep toe & finger nails trimmed.
Remove all jewelry before practice.
Treat everyone in the dojo with respect.

Practice with awareness.
Contribute to dojo cleaning.


The primary importance of each class is not the technique itself but rather the individual learning the technique and more importantly the individual feeling themselves, becoming aware of their bodies as they move through each aspect of training. It is the knowledgeable instruction and keen awareness of learning styles as demonstrated at Multnomah Aikikai that is the key to who we are.


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