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3 ways to get started with Aikido practice:


1. Sign up for your First Course in Aikido - Next beginners series starts Oct. 17, 2017.

2. Join as a Regular Member - Start Today!

3. Schedule a Private Lesson - Start Anytime.



First Course in Aikido: Fall start date October 17, 2017

Special includes a uniform and classes two days per week. Fee $97

Ready to dig in to your first course? Aikido practice is tasty and nourishing! For the first day,  you can arrive a few minutes before class.  We'll get you registered and ready to roll. Plan to wear something comfortable you can move in. Be prepared to practice barefoot. Before stepping onto the mat we’ll ask you to clean your feet and remove any jewelry. You can fill out the application form online. Make your payment for "First Course" through our online payment portal. 

First Course participants are eligible to take the following classes :


Two fundamentals classes per week. 

Tuesdays, 6:15pm-7:15pm and Saturdays, 10:30am - 11:30am 

Series runs Tuesday October 17 - Saturday November 11th. 



Become a dojo member at any time

New members may begin training anytime in the month. As a regular adult member you pay monthly dues and train as much as you want through the month. Any unrestricted adult classes on the schedule are open to you. 

First Steps for Regular Membership

Easy Start Guide:

A) Come to the dojo and observe a class. You'll get to see what it's all about.
B) Fill out an application form
C) Make payment
D) Join class!

You don't have to make an appointment. Just drop by. Come to the dojo and watch a regular class any time. View our class schedule and check directions to our location. Senior members will be happy to answer your questions.

Fill out a brief application form and pay the $50 registration fee plus your first month’s membership dues. Monthly dues for a regular adult member is $85. Learn about all the membership categories and review our dues policies

For your first class you can wear T-shirt and loose-fitting long pants; anything you can move in comfortably. A member will assist you with your first class. If you want to buy a uniform (gi) we’ll help you get the right fit. You can buy a uniform right away (most adult sizes are $55) or opt to defer purchase until the second month. If you already have an appropriate training uniform then no purchase is required.

Train as much as you want, any regular unrestricted adult classes on the schedule are open to you including weapons classes. Members are welcome to participate in orientation classes, special weapons intensives and other community activities.

Good Foot option: Start your practice off on a good foot with two private lessons: When you first join as a regular member you can opt for two lessons with the Chief Instructor, Suzane Van Amburgh, at a discounted rate of $120 (regularly $75 each). Be sure to ask about this option at time of registration.



People learn in a variety of styles and rhythms. Private lessons offer a different learning environment than group lessons. Students report a diverse set of benefits... LEARN MORE...



We invite you to come and observe classes anytime. Check our class schedule.

Questions? Contact us