Membership Dues Policies

While many martial arts schools require their members to sign contracts obligating them to pay membership dues for a specific period of time, Multnomah Aikikai does not wish to impose this burden on its members. Membership, therefore, is considered to be on a month-to-month basis. However, in order that the dojo, like any other business, may effectively budget for its monthly expenses, we require that members, as a matter of courtesy and necessity, keep us apprised of any changes in their membership status. Towards this end, we have implemented the following policy.


Monthly Dues

  1. The purpose of monthly membership dues has always been, and continues to be, to support the continued existence of the dojo as a place to train in Aikido. Senior members lead classes on a volunteer basis. Dues are not payment for lessons or classes on an hourly, daily or weekly basis.

  2. Monthly membership dues apply to a single calendar month. The dues for each month are paid on the first day of the month. There is an option to pay on a quarterly basis. Dues payments are not refundable. We thank you for your understanding and financial support of the dojo in its mission.

  3. Members pay their dues through our online system (Zen Planner). As part of new member registration, a student selects a credit card or bank account to use for monthly automatic payments to be drawn on the first of the month. If registering mid-month, dues for the rest of that month are pro-rated.

  4. Students who anticipate having difficulty paying monthly dues should communicate with the dojo treasurer and online administrator about making an arrangement 5 DAYS PRIOR TO THE 1st. Communicate through the dojo email address. We will make every effort to prevent any interruption in your training.

  5. In case of disruption of payment schedule, without prior communication, a late payment fee or re-join fee will be assessed.

  6. If you would like to change your membership category, contact the online administrator at least 10 days prior to the first of the month through the dojo email address.

Annual Fee

  1. Anyone training in the adult program (adult or teen), who has been a dojo member for at least 6 months, or who has tested for rank, must register with our dojo's parent organization, Birankai North America. The dojo will forward these fees on to Birankai.

  2. The Birankai annual fee is $50 for most students and is payable annually. The dojo treasurer will send notice and instructions to all members ahead of the due date.

New Students

  1. The first monthly dues payment for new students joining mid month will be prorated.

  2. New students are assessed the registration fee as follows:

    • New students pay a registration fee with their first regular monthly dues payment. The registration fee is $50 for adults and teenagers, and $25 for children aged 12 and under.

    • Participants of promotional class series or introductory specials do not need to pay the dojo registration fee until they become a Regular Adult Member.

Taking a break from active training

Occasionally members find they need to take a break from regular training. Whether this decision is due to health reasons, travel or opportunity, we ask that you communicate your plans and manage your membership status. The proper channel for communication is the dojo email address: 

When you need to take a break from practice, you have three options:

  • Maintain your regular membership dues as continuing support of the dojo.

  • Disconnect from the dojo and stop paying dues entirely. If you choose to return to training in the future you will join as a new member and pay the registration fee. For returning children, the registration fee will be waived if you notify the children's instructors in writing before taking the break from training.

  • Shift to Community Membership and pay $20 per month. You remain part of the dojo community as a non-training member. When and if you return to training, resume Regular Membership and step on the mat for class. Community Members receive dojo email messages and are invited to participate in dojo social activities. Community Members also enjoy discounts on public workshops and events.

All communications regarding your membership should be sent to the dojo email address: